Thanks for your interest in this website and in my personal story. I’m happy to share some of my experiences and adventures!

Hey! If you have landed on this page it means we’re going to get to know each other better – great! I’ll start by sharing a bit of my personal story, but I’d love to hear more about yours too. Feel free to drop me a line at info@fragmentsofevolution.org letting me know what brought you here, and how I can make this page more relevant and life-changing for you. But first things first – let me introduce myself.

I grew up in Rome, a beautiful, intense and chaotic city – I was a urban kid, living among computers, science fiction novels, scooters and electronic music. I had the incredible luck of growing up in a family which was full of love and understanding.

When I was a child, I used to play a game with myself at night, just before falling asleep: I would use a magic short word to stop my thoughts. As soon as I spoke the word inside my head, any other thought had to stop – this was the only rule of the game. Sometimes, I reached a point in which the magic word could stop even the magic word itself, so that, all of a sudden, there was perfect silence and stillness in me. With no more thoughts, I enjoyed this state of peace before falling asleep.

As a teenager, I started being more and more interested in sexuality, and I discovered the immense, frightening and delightful power of the Feminine. These were the times of broken hearts, sexual insecurities, and social awkwardness; for every moment of bliss, there were often weeks of struggle.

I learned that the path of evolution and growth is not an easy one, especially at the beginning, when so often it feels like you are wandering without a direction. In those years I also discovered the sharpness of radical political thinking, and I became involved with activism and social struggle. I felt a strong desire to change the world, starting from my own life.

This is how I came to experience living in communities and participate in socially conscious groups. There, I learned more satisfactory ways to live relationships, sexuality, friendship and political ideals. In those frenetic times I also came in contact with Tantra, by reading an inspiring and crazy novel. I started practicing sexual Tantra in the most spontaneous, unorganized way – and at least I discovered that there were some interesting ways to channel my sexual energy.

After a decade of living this lifestyle, I felt the need to move on, and I entered a time of crisis, uncertainty and change. What was going to be the next chapter in the book of my life? I only knew that I had to leave, and I had to travel. I decided to follow my intuition and travel to Asia. It felt like where something was persistently calling me there.

As soon as I set foot in the Asian continent, I realized that the next step in my personal evolution was going to happen there. Through a series of seemingly random events, I ended up meeting the teachers that, without even knowing, I was actually looking for.

I had finally found the next chapter of the book of my life, so I dove into it with enthusiasm and dedication. Since then, I have deepened my studies of Yoga, Tantra, relationships and sexuality, and I have come to understand that human evolution as a whole is what really matters to me. I realized that during my whole life, I had followed that same thread, searching for connection and harmony in different ways.

After some years of practice and study, I decided to share some of my experiences. This is how this website came into existence, as an attempt to give back at least a bit of what I have learned and received. Through The Network of Love, my workshop on relationships and sexuality, I have been helping hundreds of people  expand their awareness around sexual polarity, jealousy, openness and communication in love relationships.

At the same time, I also love working with individual and with couples, one-on-one. For this reason I have created a coaching program, where I help people navigate through the sometimes difficult waters of love, sexuality and relationships.

Writing and sharing my experiences through articles and books is also one of my passions. Well, this is the original reason why I set up this website in the first place – it all started with a blog! A few months ago, I had the privilege of starting a collaboration with the Elephant Journal – one of the most well-known online magazines on conscious living and spirituality.

These days, I’m working at producing an online video course, and finishing up my first book. It should be out soon, so stay tuned for more info. So much to do! I’m grateful for this life, and for the opportunity to share some of it with you, my dear reader.

Everything you find here comes from my direct experience: a lifelong quest and exploration, and the failures and successes that I’ve experienced along the way.

I hope that you can find some inspiration in these fragments of my own, personal path of evolution.

May your love always shine free!