Boost your personal evolution with a specialized coaching program

How Does It Work?

My coaching work focuses on bringing consciousness and awareness to your intimate life, and turning your intimacy into a space of evolution and growth.

People that come seek my advice are, in one way or another, “stuck” – in a relationship, in a pattern, or in a mindset. I just act as a catalyzer, giving you tools to get over the impasse. If you are ready, change can happen within a matter of days.

Please note that my work is not  necessarily meant to bring you cozy comfort, or to “save” your relationship from a break-up, or to improve your sex life. Happiness, joy and a free flow of sexual energy will come, in due time, inevitably. But first, there may be some dirty unclogging work to do.

Evolution may be unpleasant. But there is really no other choice: either evolve fast, or evolve slowly – that’s all we can do.

I can help you take the fast route.

My work includes techniques and wisdom coming from Yoga, Tantra, modern sexology, and psychology.

We will focus on taking practical action to improve your life now; the intention is helping you implement the change yourself, by providing you with new tools and insights.


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Conscious Relationships Coaching Package

Duration: 6 sessions, 1 or 2 sessions/week

Intimate relationships are a fundamental part of our lives, and the quality of our love life affects all of our existence. Relationships can be a true spiritual practice, a path of growth and evolution. Bringing consciousness, awareness and harmony to your relationships, in all of their aspects, is the purpose of this program

Sexuality Coaching Package

Duration: 8 sessions, 1 or 2 sessions/week

Sexual energy is the most powerful form of energy in our organism, and the ability to master it and channel it will revolutionize your life. Using the experience gained in more than 15 years of Tantric practice, I will guide you in the discovery of your true sexual potential and support you in achieving mastery over the nuclear reactor hidden inside of you.

Purpose and Evolution Coaching Package

Duration: 6 sessions, 1 session/week

The objective of this program is to re-align you with your purpose in life, giving you tools to embrace change and growth while being true to the present moment. Together, we will tackle the issues that are preventing you from living your love life fully and harmoniously.

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