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ISTA Practitioner Training – Israel

November 22, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - November 29, 2017 @ 3:00 pm

3 Month ISTA Practitioner Training Program
The first of its kind in Israel

Continuing Personal Growth Education Towards Professional Development for ISTA Graduates.

Why is this a “once in a lifetime” chance? The ISTA Practitioner Training is a completely new program and as such, we are offering it at a special launch price this year only. The demand for a Practitioner Training has been huge and our beloved ISTA teachers have listened! They have put all their love, passion and knowledge into creating a truly unique, comprehensive and career-focused program for you. We are excited about how this program will support your development as skilled practitioner, whether by adding to your existent skills or by giving you the confidence to set up your own business! Considering average international prices, you’ll only need 10 Bodywork sessions to get the investment back for this course. Jump to the next level of your career as a sacred sexual healer!

Our aim is to support the graduates of ISTA to further their knowledge and transform their lives and careers into the field as skilled practitioners to facilitate sessions for somatic sexual healing.

In the ISTA Practitioner Training (ISTA-PT) we synthesize the powerful tools taught in the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience with essential skills needed to guide powerful hands-on sexual transformation—methods woven together over years of experience and developing the field of practitioner work.

The ISTA-PT is a holistic, in-depth system for transformation which emphasizes the power of sexual energy and the ways in which we can utilize the natural flow of this energy to provide a valuable framework for sexual wholeness—both in the sense of unraveling sexual “dysfunction” and in the sense of restoring trust and harmony between Masculine and Feminine. The ISTA-PT teaches how to facilitate sessions using these transformative tools.

This training is an essential guide for the modern day Daka/Dakini and Sexual Priest/Priestess.

In ISTA-PT, you will learn how to empower your client to understand, communicate and maintain healthy boundaries, needs and desires. Moreover, you will acquire the necessary skills to support your clients to activate and release their emotional body, using shamanic tools for transformation.

During the training, you will practice tuning into your own body wisdom which not only informs the work you do with your client, but also shows you how to meet them on a physical level, from a space of heart-centred connection.

An essential aspect of this work is activating energy and awakening through the heart. Thereby, you can empower your client to experience the presence of Love itself inside of his or her body rather than recycling past stories of shame, limitation, inadequacy, fear and guilt.

Curriculum Overview

The ISTA-PT curriculum involves four cornerstones: Foundations, Body, Energy & Emotions, Spirit. Each of the cornerstones addresses a fundamental area of sacred sexual practitioner work.

Role of the Daka-Dakini
Setting boundaries
Grounding and centering methods
Sexual healing code of conduct
Follow-ups (post-session support)
Successful business dynamics and marketing techniques

Genital anatomy
Sacred spot massage ritual
Restoring sexual wholeness
Genital and Pelvic floor massage
Expansion of pleasure thresholds
Conscious intentional touch skills
Understanding the cycle of arousal in male and female bodies

The 7 tools for activating and releasing the emotional body
Harmonizing and connecting energy bodies
Aspecting and emotional dialogue
Techniques for circulating life-force energy
Tantric and shamanic therapeutic processes
Tantric breath-work

Shamanic Sexual Skills
Opening and closing rituals
Creating and holding sacred space
Techniques to develop awareness
Presence and space-holding
Inner marriage
Non-dualistic spiritual practices

Plus: Class handouts, plenty of practice, hands-on demonstrations and much much more…

Post Seminar Meetings
ISTA-PT consists of a residential 8 days training plus 3 months of post-seminar online support in the form of monthly online meetings.

In these monthly meetings, participants will receive additional guidance and get their questions answered. Participants are expected to share their experiences giving sessions, and they will receive personalized feedback and coaching from Triambika and other lead facilitators.

The monthly meetings are open to all participants and will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Each participant may also schedule private mentoring/coaching calls or face to face sessions with the lead facilitators for additional fees.

Session Case Studies
As part of the training, participants are required to perform 9 sessions and receive 3 sessions and present them as written case studies.

Prerequisites for attending ISTA-PT
Completion of SSSEx – ISTA Level 1.
The practitioner skills are building on the foundations learned in level one in-order to support you to guide other in these experiences.

Written Application Form
In order to ensure a high standard of training and experience for all concerned, potential participants are assessed as part of the application process: see here-https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScDjGKYDieruMEV4WOnQ3rXD2npkFdcqeK-nmsKLSrEw8KYAA/viewform?c=0&w=1

Facilitators: Triambika Ma Vive (USA) & Raffaello Manacorda (Spain)

with special guest teacher Ohad Ezrahi(Israel)

Registration & more details:
Dawn Cherie Ezrahi – sisterdawn3@gmail.com

The Venue

Even Sapir,is in the mountains outside of Jerusalem.The Essene Farm, an Ecological Health Farm in the Jerusalem Mountains, is a Workshop Center & Holiday Resort.The Essene farm is located in Even-Sappir, a small village in the midst of the green recreation area of the Jerusalem Mountains, only twenty minutes drive from Jerusalem. The village is built on the lush slope of a magnificent mountain range, surrounded by Mediterranean forests and an abundance of springs within short walking distance. The “Israel Trail” which is the most popular hiking trail in Israel, passes nearby, and Sataf – the Keren Kayamet le’Yisrael recreational and traditional agricultural center can be seen from the lodge porches.

(We cultivate a vineyard in Sataf). “The St. John of the Desert” Franciscan monastery is a five minute walk from the farm (the Franciscans see their origins as stemming from the Essenes) and the Ein-Karem village, with its many picturesque churches, is only a ten minute drive from us. The Essene Farm can also serve as a base for travelers who wish to tour Jerusalem yet stay in the countryside.

contact -Dawn at sisterdawn3@gmail.com

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November 22, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
November 29, 2017 @ 3:00 pm


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