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OZORA Festival – Hungary

August 3, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Radical Tantra and Sexual Shamanism

Higher states of consciousness & sexual energy.

Sexual energy is the most potent force in the human being. Through sex we can create a new life, heal our body, manifest our desires, and reach higher states of consciousness. The superpowers of sexual energy were known to ancient civilizations, that used orgiastic rituals and sexual magic to create trance. This ancient knowledge, hidden and repressed under centuries of sex-negative cultural colonization, is emerging again, specifically through the frameworks of Tantra and Sexual Shamanism.


Tantra is a holistic understanding of the human experience. Based on the notion that a person is a holographic representation of the whole Universe, Tantra studies the human being in all its aspects: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The body is considered as a temple, which explains why, in the Tantric systems, sexuality is not frowned upon but rather exalted.

Parallel and complementary to Tantra, Sexual Shamanism is the understanding that sexual energy can heal us, and transform the reality around us. In Sexual Shamanism, we channel sexual energy to dissolve internal blockages, cure our body, meet our shadows, and integrate our fears and desires, and access dormant faculties of intuition, clear vision, higher perception.

Through conscious use of sexual energy, we can rewrite our psychic and emotional patterns, and experience a sense of connection to all that is, while still being fully human. We can develop an integrated lifestyle in which we accept our human condition and enjoy it to the utmost. Shame and guilt, especially around sexuality, are dissolved in love and acceptance. We become, in the true sense of the word, “fully human”.

In this talk, we will present basic concepts and practices coming from Tantra and Sexual Shamanism.




Dádpuszta, Hungary + Google Map