The conscious relationships workshop.

How important are love relationships in your life? Probably a lot. And how much time and energy have you spent consciously studying, exploring and training yourself for them? Chances are, not much.

Love relationships are the source of so much joy, frustration, and evolution. We all face the same challenges (jealousy, communication, sexual mismatches…) and yet we seldom prepare for them. Instead, we often “learn how to love” from very debatable sources like pop songs and movies. The Network of Love provides a safe, deep and fun group environment in which you can learn how to love better and bring more joy into your life.

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What happens in the workshop?

In The Network of Love, you will embark on a journey of discovery of your true capacity to love. With the help of eye-opening lectures, fun practical exercises, and group discussion, you will be able to:

Discover your sexual essence

Are you more of a Feminine, Masculine, or Balanced person? Are you generally satisfied with your intimate lovers, or does there seem to be a mismatch between what you want and what you get? Knowing your sexual essence is a fundamental piece of information for your relationships life, and it will help you understand why you attract certain types of lovers in your most intimate connections.

Practice forgiveness in a sacred ritual

During the workshop you will experience a powerful ritual of forgiveness. The intention of the ritual is to contribute to the healing and reconciliation between the Masculine and Feminine. We won’t spoil the details of the ritual for you – but we guarantee that you will not be the same after participating in it. This will also bring a beautiful closing moment to our journey together – and the opening door to a healthier, happier and deeper relationship life.

Learn how to work with sexual polarity

Sexual polarity is the sexual tension between two partners. Very likely, this is an important aspect of your intimate relationships. Yet, do you know how sexual polarity works and how you can feel it, maintain it and consciously enhance it? So many love relationships face the challenge of a diminishing sexual polarity over time. With the information you learn in this module, you will be able to reclaim control over your sexual desire and use it consciously for your benefit and that of your lovers.

Work with jealousy and openness

If you are involved in intimate relationships, most likely you have to deal with jealousy from time to time. But what is jealousy exactly – and is there any way to work with it? In The Network of Love, you will learn different strategies to survive jealousy and even transform it into a tool for your own evolution. You will also understand the advantages and disadvantages of bringing more openness into your intimate relationships, and some practical tools to manage your love life if you decide to have more than one lover at a time.

Discover the power of Empathic Honesty

How important is honesty in your intimate relationships? Do you like to be completely transparent to  your loved ones, or would you rather maintain a sphere of privacy? How can we reconcile the conflict between the “right to know” and the “right to speak our truth”? These are all-important issues in relationships, but very few people have investigated them and found sensible solutions. In this module, you will learn Empathic Honesty, a powerful yet flexible tool for practicing the form of honesty that best suites your and your partner’s growth.

Improve your communication skills

Every relationship is based on communication; therefore, improving your communication means improving your relationship. It’s as simple as that! Yet, we rarely spend time studying communication tools that can help us share difficult emotions and understand our partners better. In The Network of Love, you will study some of the most effective communication strategies and learn about Emotional Responsibility, the basis of any mature emotional interchange.

Here is what the participants have said…

Words from the participants

  • I joined this workshop out of curiosity about relationship dynamics, to be a better partner, and to connect more with my own network of love. The workshop brought both immediate and long-term changes to my life. I seek clarity and evolution towards a life filled with love, and in general I feel myself further on this path. I was already recommending the workshop even before taking it myself. Many friends had a great experience before I was finally able to participate but most of all, I admire the mission that Raffa has undertaken. It is a unique work, and a journey that everyone can share in and benefit from. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has been in love, and even if you can find just a few moments to share with Raffa, it could be something special, that might stay with you for a long time through your life's adventures.

    48, UK, Musician
    48, UK, Musician
  • I attended the Network of Love because I feel relationships are perhaps the most difficult challenge of our lives. They are the main source of our most profound sadnesses and our biggest joys. Through each of our good and bad times we experience moments of growth, so attending this workshop I intended to gain another step on my path of evolution. There was a good balance between lectures and practical exercise, and we ended with a beautiful forgiveness ceremony that was held really well. I am already using some of the tools I learned, such as Empathic Honesty, in my interactions with others. Raffaello managed to provide a space for learning and safely sharing our life experiences. The practical exercises helped embody the teachings to ensure full understanding. Overall a great experience!

    Jonathan, 45, UK, consultant
    Jonathan, 45, UK, consultant
  • I learned about this workshops 1 year ago and immediately wanted to come. I subscribed to Raffa's blog, read most of his articles, and liked his intellectual, balanced, life-hacking approach to life (same as mine). I joined The Network of Love because I wanted to learn some practical advices about open relationships from a person who has been practicing this for 15 years. I have to admit that I was very surprised by some parts of the workshop. On the first day, Raffa explained a very useful model of sexual polarity. So far so good. But when I started getting some insights from it, I was shocked, discouraged, upset - I had to review my whole love life! After I processed it all, it was like an enlightenment. Now, right after the workshop, I feel more relaxed, my masculine and feminine energies are more balanced, and I can play with this balance more effectively. Of course, I have to integrate all this knowledge to my life and I'm pretty sure it's only the start of a deep transformation. I recommend this workshop to everybody. You will get a universal framework for getting the maximum out of any kind of romantic relationship.

    Sam Lowry, 36, Russia, Internet enterpreneur
    Sam Lowry, 36, Russia, Internet enterpreneur
  • I and my partner wanted to look deeper in ourselves and our relationship, so we decided to join The Network of Love. Our main goal was to learn more and possibly to open up our relationship. My overall impression was very positive! I really enjoyed that i could use the theoretical knowledge immediately with my partner. For example, we put the teachings on nonviolent communication to use from the very first day! Thanks to this workshop, now I know how to better connect with women, and how to be more functional in romantic relationships. I also learned very practical tools to be more honest and communicative about my feelings. All in all, I would definitely recommend this workshop to everyone who feels that their love is not yet unconditional. It really opened up my understanding of loving unconditionally!

    Randy, 30, Italy
    Randy, 30, Italy
  • I took this workshop in order to explore more possibilities within relationships… and more specifically, I was interested in learning how to make an open relationship work. I enjoyed everything about it: the content, the clarity of the explanations, and especially the practical tools provided. I got a lot of useful practical knowledge out of it, and my general level of understanding of relationship has changed completely! About a month after taking The Network of Love, I was able to find measurable changes in my relationship life. I’ve had lots of beautiful experiences ever since and I don’t intend to stop 🙂 For all these reasons I’ve been recommending this workshop every time I have got a chance to do it… and I’m happy to do so here.  

    Alexander, Dance instructor, Aruba/Holland
    Alexander, Dance instructor, Aruba/Holland
  • I joined this workshop in the hope of getting more tools to deal with some difficulties I keep facing in my relationships. And I have to say… I loved everything about it! The talks, the exercises, the dynamics, the insights… even the music. I found it all perfect and I would listen to Raffa forever, he´s brilliant. On a more practical note, this workshop gave me a better idea of how I am and the way I act in love relationships. It also helped me understand better what I want from my relationships. Since I attended The Network of Love, I’m constantly observing the way I relate towards men and I’m much more aware of everything! I am more aligned with my soul and I feel I can choose freely instead of repeating the same old patterns and getting the same results. I’m loving it! You definitely have to take this workshop! It´s really good and you learn soooo much.

    Carolina, Entrepeneur, Spain
    Carolina, Entrepeneur, SpainSadhana Lab
  • I joined The Network of Love workshop mainly to improve my communication skills in open relationships, and to gain new tools to deal with jealousy and time management. I can say I definitely learned new tools, and had a few important insights on how I interact with lovers, potential lovers, and their lovers 🙂 All in all, the workshop was great! I found that there was a good mixture of lectures and exercises. I didn't get bored or tired 🙂 And the closing ritual on the final evening was really beautiful. It was a very heart opening experience, and it was nice to meet like minded people. On a more personal level, this workshop helped me heal some old issues with an ex partner. For all this reasons, I can’t stop recommending The Network of Love to all my friends and lovers 🙂  

    Mangala Holland, Tantrika, UK
    Mangala Holland, Tantrika, UK
  • I joined The Network of Love hoping to learn about open relationships, and how to deal with jealousy. I found the really enjoyable, but most important, I valued the possibility to ask direct questions to Raffa. Getting direct responses to my questions has helped me with the challenges I was facing in my actual relationships! All in all, this workshop gave me a very solid base to use when going into relationships in general. In the past I always used to think I was the bad guy because I wanted to be open. This workshop has helped me embrace the possibility of being in open relationships consciously, with positive, even Divine intentions. It seems unbelievable, but after only 3 days I now have a much greater ability to experience unconditional love! The jealousy has subsided. I have learned to tell when my jealousy comes out of fear, from when it shows a healthy boundary that is in alignment with my values.

    Tomas Libas, Rapid Learning Coach, Lithuania
    Tomas Libas, Rapid Learning Coach, Lithuania

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