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Hi, I'm Raffaello.

I have dedicated my whole life to one single purpose: spiritual evolution..

Hey there, I'm Raffa. Very early on, I decided to step out of the accepted norms of society, and dedicate my life to growth and evolution. I have been training in Yoga and Tantra for more the last fifteen years, and I am committed to establishing a world of peace, unity, and sexual and emotional freedom.

I spend most of my time writing, teaching, and investigating the mysteries of sexuality, spirit, and consciousness.

I'd love to share the results of my research with you.

Here are some of the things I usually write about:

  • The connection between sexuality and consciousness. How can you reclaim your erotic potential and use it as a propeller for manifesting growth, love, and peace?
  • Intimate relationships as a path. How can you transform your intimacy into an arena of trust, support and growth—instead of as a battlefield of unnecessary drama?
  • The experience of the Void and how to integrate it into everyday life. The Void is the destination of any spiritual seekers' journey. Have you ever tasted it? If you have, integrating this experience into everyday life is an ongoing challenge.

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Thank you for your thought provoking and wise emails, I love receiving them. You add immense value to my life and for that I am grateful.Lauren Hruska

I enjoy your newsletter & the essay that prompted looking you up. I don't sign up to such things. Yours is the only one.Melissa Marr.

I want you to know reading about your journey has inspired me to focus on my spiritual well being. I thank you for your positive messages & I will think of your strength when I get weak. THANK YOU.Lori Bacoccini.

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