Resting in Loving Presence

A Deep Seeing of The Feminine

As an Intimacy and Tantra coach, my mission is to support you in re-connecting with your body, re-discovering the healthy, natural flow of erotic energy that is stored there, and channeling this energy as creative force.

Ancient cultures understood the magic and power of sexuality. Sexuality is the driving creative force that allows life to perpetuate and thrive. And sexuality is so much more than the sexual act – wherever different energies seek each other, merge, separate, and merge again, sexuality is at play.

Look at the rain kissing the earth, sometimes gently and softly, other times with passion and impetus. Behold the miracle of a bee sucking pollen from a flower that opens up lovingly, and yields its nectar. Aren’t all these natural phenomena expressions of an erotic dance?

Once you realize that sexual energy is at the very basis of creation, you can move beyond the layers of shame and guilt created by our cultural programming.

This deep journey starts from our own body, from the here and now.

By awakening and channeling your erotic energy you can access your full creative potential and establish healthy relationships with partners and lovers.

As you come in contact with the infinite source of pleasure, love and life that resides deep within your body, you may find blockages that obstruct the natural flow of your erotic energy. These blockages proceed from cultural conditioning, early childhood trauma, shame and guilt, and a collective trauma around sexuality that affects humanity as a whole.

Our work together will be softly yet inevitably dissolving these traumas, removing the blockages, and channeling your sexual energy into the outlets that you deem appropriate.

Why am I qualified to open this door for you?

When it comes to mistakes and wrong turns in sexuality, I have made most of them.

Like many others, I discovered my sexuality during long years of playing with myself in secret, always afraid of being caught. I learned to associate sexuality with shame, guilt and secrecy.

As a result, for many years my love life was close to disastrous. Sex wasn’t particularly rewarding. I was plagued by insecurities and lack of basic information. I had no idea how to guide a woman into her potential, because I had no access to my own.

Yet, deep down, I knew that love and sex could be much, much more than that.

At around 24 years of age, I decided to go for a radical shift. I left everything I had – job, house, circles of friends – and spent the next 13 years living in experimental communities, doing deep work on my sexual and emotional issues.

I came to question all my beliefs and build a whole new set of reference points for my sexuality and intimacy.

A few years into my journey, I discovered Tantra, which turned my ideas about sexuality upside down. I had finally found the tools to unlock the creative power of my erotic energy!!

I spent seven years studying in a traditional Tantric school, and many more years of practice and study with several different teachers. I integrated studies of Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and shamanic work with traditional Tantra to create a powerful integrated approach.

Through Tantra and Yoga, I learned to awaken, channel, and gently guide sexual energy to become a wholesome, powerful, creative force in my life.

My journey led to a complete re-discovery of the Feminine, both in myself and in the women I loved. Before my eyes were opened, I had merely “desired” women, seeing them as beautiful, attractive yet oddly alien creatures that I didn’t fully understand but that I almost desperately desired to meet. That was a necessary developmental phase, but I had become stuck in this dualistic, immature relation to women.

In the “incomprehensibly different” model of relationships, passion was intense, but mutual understanding was hard.

With the discovery of Tantra, I realized that, beyond all differences, the women I loved were, at the core, one and the same with me.

I learned how to “dance” between these two states: Duality, where I perceived my lovers as being different from me and therefore incredibly attractive, and Unity, where I perceived those same lovers as being one with me, with no separation, nothing to explain, and nothing to understand.

This dance between Duality and Unity has changed my life, and this dance is what I bring to my sessions as an unique gift for you.

What can you expect?

As a woman, you have probably found yourself stuck in either of these two situations: either you are seen as just an object of desire, splendorous but odd, or you’re perceived as a neutral, sexless “human being”.

Neither does justice to your individuality and richness. In either condition, when you try to express your fullness, somebody will tell you that you are “too much”, or “unattractive”, or “selfish”, or shame you in one of another thousand ways until you fit yourself back into the limited box that makes them comfortable.

“Resting in Loving Presence” is about seeing both your unique Feminine essence, and your Soul, which is sexless and beyond gender, at the same time.

In Resting in Loving Presence, we dance around these two poles and find the center, a place where you are fully honored, seen, and acknowledged—both as a Soul, and as a woman.

During the session, you will be fully, wholly, completely “seen”. I offer myself as your mirror, a companion, a support for you to unleash your Feminine power, vulnerability and beauty, in the ways that you find most natural and comfortable – even if you have no idea at the beginning of the session what those ways might be. We will discover that together.

There is no judgment, no agenda, and no games.

Just pure loving presence.

How does it work in practice?

Every session is unique and different, crafted to meet your individual requirements.
We will begin with a conversation about intentions and boundaries.

  • What would you like to experience?
  • Is there any part of your body that calls for special attention—or that you don’t want to be touched?
  • You can always decide what level of intimacy you want to be in, and you can always change your mind. There is nothing you need to do. As the receiver, you are in full control of your experience.

Then, we will create together a sacred space for the session to unfold. This may involve energetic preparations, invocations, and other forms or ritual.
We will then move into the hands-on part. This part consists of a unique combination of techniques such as Tantric Touch, Breathwork, Conscious Touch, Sacred Spot Ritual… And yet, beyond all techniques, what matters is that you will be held, seen and supported with unwavering love and presence.

Once the session is over, you will have some quiet time to integrate the experience. If you need extra support, all my sessions include a free follow-up call 24/48hs after.

The typical duration of a session is 2,5 to 3 hours.

What can you achieve during a session?

  • Experiencing your authentic self, fully expressed, without the need to hold back or “shrink”
  • Training your ability to set boundaries and say “no”
  • Training your ability to set boundaries and say “yes”
  • Releasing stored emotions
  • Healing physical and energetic trauma from sexual abuse
  • Healing physical and energetic trauma from wanted or unwanted abortion
  • Releasing shame, inhibitions, and fears around your sexual power
  • Unblocking your capacity to cry, moan, and express your emotions with the voice
  • Activating and opening the heart centre
  • Dealing with numbness in the genital area
  • Expanding your capacity for pleasure
  • Discovering your G-Spot, A-Spot and Cervix
  • Experiencing Amrita—sometimes incorrectly referred to as “Female ejaculation”
  • Healing painful spots in your Yoni (vagina)
  • Experiencing deeper forms of orgasm: G-spot orgasm, cervical orgasm, full body orgasm
  • Becoming multi-orgasmic
  • If any of this feels right for you, then I invite you to use the link below to book a free call, where we can discuss the timing and practical details of your session.

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