Sexuality Coaching

Is your sexual energy awake, and are you channeling for your benefit? Is shame, guilt, or lack of awareness preventing you from fully embracing your sexuality in all of its manifestations? Does your sex life have a purpose, other than simple enjoyment or release of tension?

Sexual energy is the most powerful form of energy in our organism, and the ability to master it and channel it will revolutionize your life. Using the experience gained in more than 15 years of Tantric practice, I will guide you in the discovery of your true sexual potential and support you in achieving mastery over the nuclear reactor hidden inside of you.

Key benefits:

  • (For men): Become a confident and skilful lover by mastering your ejaculation reflex
  • (For women): Access the hidden powerhouse of your full orgasmic potential, letting go of the constraints on Feminine sexuality that are suffocating your capacity for boundless love
  • (For everyone): Learn how to channel your sexual energy and transform it into mental creativity, infinite affection, and spiritual inspiration

Schedule and duration:

  • 4 to 6 weeks
  • 1 session per week
  • First exploratory session is FREE!

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